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Halberstadt - where body meets soul!

Blick zum Dom [(c): Mathias Kasuptke]

With its fairytale skyline embedded in the gently rolling unspoilt countryside of the Harz and Huy regions. Halberstadt ist home to broad horizons, narrow lanes, history dating back thousands of years, a modern infrastructure, inspiring squares and self-confident, down-to-earth people.

Guests immediatly feel right at home and excited to discover the unknown. While many of the town's highlights are immediately noticeable, others only reveal themselves at second glance. Either way, they always come together to form a colourful flame of distinctive beauty and diversity.

This is where historic timber-framed architecture meets modernity, art meets leisure and the past meets future. Churches and monasteries act as links between Heaven and Earth, connecting Paradise with everyday life.

In Halberstadt, every day is full of discoveries, adventures and experiences.

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