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Landscape Park Spiegelsberge

Gartenträume Sachsen-Anhalt [(c): Stefan Herfurth]

The Spiegelsberge Landscape Park has been Halberstadt's green paradise for nearly 250 years. With its extensive meadows, densely wooded areas, winding paths and secret grottoes, the park captivates visitors as they enjoy a relaxing stroll.

Other features include an excellent zoo and a stunning view of the city and Harz foreland, both of which give the park its own unique charm and make it well worth a visit throughout the year.

The cellar of the restaurant "Jagdschloss" accommodates the Oldest Giant Wine Barrel in the world.

For further information about the giant wine barrel click here.

Opening hours

You can visit the landscape park every time during the year.


Landscape Park Spiegelsberge
Spiegelsberge 4
38820 Halberstadt

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