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Churches and monasteries

Cult and culture

[(c): M. Kasuptke]

When viewed from virtually any perspective, the old episcopal city of Halberstadt always treats visitors to a fascinating silhouette characterised by the outlines of stunning churches.

The two slender towers of the cathedral extend elegantly into the air, the striking and peculiar towers of St Martin's church stand out due to their differend spires and the Church of Our Lady, the only surviving Romanesque four-tower basilica in central Germany, is a prime example of simple and fairytale-like beauty.

With Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque architecture ranging from the traditional half-timbered Church of St John through to the soaring stone nave of its cathedral, Halberstadt is a true paradise for church lovers. In medieval times, it also contained numerous monasteries such as the Franciscan Convent and the Huysburg Abbey, a picturesque Benedictine monastery on the outskirts of the city, both of which are still standing strong in the present day.

These monasteries and churches not only promise overwhelming impressions of the connection between Heaven and Earth but also provide moments of reflection and contemplation.

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