• Poets and philosophers

    Poets and philosophers

    In Halberstadt you can feel and experience the period of Enlightenment in many different ways.

  • Cult and culture

    Cult and culture

    If you are interested in researching the history of the Halberstadt region, you are indeed spoilt for choice as you have five fine museums to choose from.

  • Wining and dining

    Wining and dining

    Halberstadt has a great variety of restaurants, pubs and hotels ranging from the ethnic to the exquisite - you will have a lot of fun finding and exploring them!

  • The Cathedral and its treasure

    The Cathedral and its treasure

    The Halberstadt cathedral built between 1236 and 1491 is considered to be one of the most beautiful Gothic church buildings in Germany. The cathedral is the site of a unique liturgical treasure preserved from the Middle Ages,....

  • John Cage

    John Cage

    The slowest and longest piece of music in the world - The John Cage organ project in St. Burchard´s church was the start of the most interesting art schemes in the musical history of the organ.

  • Theatre


    The local nordharzer Städtebundtheater offers an exquisite repertoire, ranging from ballet and opera to drama

  • Outside our gates

    Outside our gates

    You can explore the Harz mountains with its famous Mount Brocken, the valleys of the Bode, Selke and Ilse rivers, with devils and witches and a romantic ride on a genuine narrow-gauge railway.

  • Guided tours available for groups:

    Guided tours available for groups:

    All tours can be booked at the Halberstadt tourist information office: Public city tour | Guided tours for groups

  • Accommodation


    No matter whether you are staying in a holiday home, a hotel or a small guest house - you'll always feel at home! We'll be glad to help you with your booking!

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  • City Map

    City Map

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