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Financial Support Within the GA Framework "Improvement of the Regional Economic Structures" (GA) (Allowances):

  • for KMU*, up to 50 Percent of the eligible investment costs
  • for large businesses, up to 30 Percent of the eligible investment costs

1. Investment allowance with GA funding:
the following are eligible:

  • Civil works ( ex. production halls)
  • Machines and Equipment, - immaterial assets (when activated)

2. Investment allowance as tax-free funding per the law of investment allowance:
eligible are:

  • Acquisitions or development costs of new and depreciable moveable assets of capital assets,
  • Purchase of new buildings, 

Small and Medium sized businesses are well supported!

* KMU-Definition: A company is defined as a KMU when, under consideration, the possibly connected companies and/or partner companies employ no more than 250 people and the sum of their yearly revenue is less than 50´million Euro (or the balance sheet total is less than 43 million Euro). The investment support available for this type of a company is 40%.

Small Businesses are those that employ less than 50 people and have a yearly revenue or balance sheet sum of no greater than 10 million Euro. These companies are eligible for investment support up to 50%.