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Well developed infrastructure and numerous advantages

The business location Halberstadt ...

  • ... stands for competence and expertise in the following industries:
    Food processing, in particular the renowned economic flagship and city promoter sausage plant Halberstädter Würstchen- und Konservenfabrik GmbH,
  • Health sector technology and hospital needs, plastic industry,

Forestry products, furniture industry and metal industry

... is a center for service industries
... is an administrative center of regional significance
... is the most important retail location between Braunschweig and Magdeburg with a gross retail turnover of Euro 252 million in 2003 (estimate by GFK Nürnberg)
... is the location of the FH/University of Administrative Sciences within close vicinity to both Otto von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg and Martin-Luther-Universität Halle 
... features efficient public utility companies, such as (waste)water, electricity, garbage removal and recycling

Halberstadt qualifies as a regional center with some of the attributes of a larger city as the economic, retail, and cultural center of the northern Harz and southern Börde regions. The city features a well developed economic structure and has gained in financial stature since the establishment of a branch office of the Landeszentralbank here.

Your business location Halberstadt qualifies as a regional center with some of the attributes of a larger city as the economic, retail, and cultural center and the main tocon the rural district "Harz".

City statistics (selective)

Inhabitants app. 40.000
transportation infrastructure  
      Hannover International Airport app. 100 km
      Regional Airport Cochstedt app. 29 km
Interstate Highway Access  
      A 2 app. 49 km 
      A 14  app. 39 km 
      A 395   app. 35 km
      to B6n four-lane highway  app.   8 km 
      rail connections throughout Germany 

Halberstadt is easily accessible through a dense network of interstate and federal highways.

All in all, more than Euro 3 billion in public funds have been or will be invested in the construction or modernization of A2, A9, A14, A38, and B6n.

With the completion of the A14 an important missing connection link between the economic centers of Magdeburg and Halle/Leipzig has been realized.

With the completion of construction of the 4 lane B6n and the modernization of B79 and B81 easier access from Halberstadt to Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel in Niedersachsen and Halle/Leipzig and Magdeburg will be achieved.

Numerous advantages:

  • Ideally located and professionally prepared industrial parks, zoned either for industry or the service sector
  • Availability of a highly skilled and motivated workforce; access to EU, Federal and State subsidies for establishing new businesses
  • Relatively low wage level
  • A business culture that is primarily technologically oriented
  • Headquarters of internationally oriented corporations
  • Convenient connections within Germany\'s transportation network
  • Availability of student interns and work study programs
  • The dynamic Halberstadt region includes a total of some 500.000 inhabitants
  • We feature an efficient, cooperative, and decisive administrat


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